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ACT education experts recommend high-quality learning resources to help kids from pre-school through high school. A great equalizer of opportunity, bringing more underserved and first generation college students, and middle- and low-income students into the enrollment pipeline. 12 that are important for success both during and after high school. In addition, ACT protects student privacy and facilitates easy integration of test results into state systems by using state-assigned IDs instead of Social Security numbers. A number of states have incorporated ACT college and career readiness programs into their high school systems. Not only do these help to prepare all students for college and career, but the assessment itself has intrinsic value to the students who take it—something that is not true of all student assessments.

As a result, this year’s data are based on a more representative sample of the nation’s graduating class than ever before. The state commits to the program, signing an agreement to proceed. ACT will provide a detailed description of the services. The state decides which testing dates will occur and which tests will be administered. A launch meeting takes place, involving representatives from the state and the ACT implementation team. Final decisions are made about the testing schedule and the roles and responsibilities of each party.