The number of victims from Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme continues to grow. A list with thousands of names of clients who invested money with Mr. Madoff was released as part of a bankruptcy-court ubs investment bank new york ny. 5 billion was connected to Madoff.

The loss is more than half of all assets overseen by Tremont. Santander is offering its private banking clients 1. 38 billion euros in compensation for Madoff-related losses. The offer doesn’t apply to institutional investors.

Santander customers Mar Octava Limitada and Marcelo Guillermo Testa filed a class-action lawsuit in a U. Hedge funds run by the bank had almost all their money invested with Madoff. A hedge fund founded by billionaire investor, philanthropist and GMAC chief J. 8 billion under management as of Sept. 30, had substantially all of its assets invested with Mr.