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So who is actually investing the most in research and development? 9 billion over the previous year. Where does all that money go? Other resource-intensive industries include healthcare, autos, and software. As a percentage of revenue: 5. Much of that spending has gone into hybrid vehicles and adding new technology, including semi-autonomous features to some of its 12 brands.

As a percentage of revenue: 6. The South Korean conglomerate claims second place once again. D centers range from Silicon Valley to Bangalore to Beijing. The company says it is developing a smart TV monitor and a smart TV service as part of its research program. As a percentage of revenue: 20. D to keep pace with Moore’s Law, an observation by company co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965 that computing power doubles every two years.

As a percentage of revenue: 13. The company prides itself on developing products for the current market while searching for the next big thing. As a percentage of revenue: 16. D in 2013 and has more than 200 projects in clinical development, including 138 in pharmaceuticals.