Apple has reportedly teamed up with rental car agency Hertz to test autonomous vehicle software. Read on to titan development and investments out more. The Apple Car is a tricky subject because we’re not even sure that it exists.

There’s no denying that the evidence of an Apple Car is mounting, and it seems Apple is struggling to keep a lid on leaks. The Cupertino-based technology giant is also reportedly in talks with manufacturers of charging stations for electric cars. In any case, Apple has been invested in the vehicle space for a while. So with the innards of a car already cracked, Apple’s movement into vehicle manufacturing wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

The actual design of the vehicle is still up for debate. Some say it will be a car, others a minivan. Apple was recently reported to be interested in autonomous vehicle testing facilities, which suggests that the former may certainly be true. What we do know is that Apple certainly has the resources to build an electric car. 200 billion cash in the bank.

But is there any evidence to suggest that Apple is building an Apple Car? And if such a vehicle exists, what will it look like? In Brief When is the Apple Car coming out? How much will the Apple Car cost? Is there any Apple Car evidence? We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like.

Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. This section is in chronological order. Apple is working on an electric vehicle. Tesla with expertise that is most suited to cars. So much so that I went from being a doubter to a believer almost instantly. From another source who travels in more rarified circles than yours truly, I also learned that a lot of people at the top in Silicon Valley consider it a given that Apple is working on a car.

Apple was attempting to build a car for the consumer market. At the time, it was claimed that Apple was still in the vehicle design stage. The size of the project team and the senior people involved indicate that the company is serious. Apple executives have flown to Austria to meet with contract manufacturers for high-end cars, including the Magna Steyr unit of Canadian auto supplier Magna International Inc. 1,000-person team, and permitted poaching from different parts of the company. On 20 February 2015, a Bloomberg report alleged that Apple was definitely planning to enter the car market. The article claimed that the company was working to a five-year time frame, which would put the release in the year 2020.

Apple is making use of its leased Sunnyvale, California campus to build the car. Titan’, many of Apple’s new auto-related hires, including recruits from Tesla, have been working out of the Sunnyvale campus. But Apple couldn’t openly develop a car right in front of everyone’s eyes, could it? Apple to work on the car. It’s based at the Sunnyvale campus. What’s more, certain buildings on the site have been given permits for automotive work and repair areas.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly what Apple is cooking up at the Sunnyvale Campus, and the company has declined to provide official comment on the matter. On 27 May  2015, Jeff Williams, SVP of Operations at Apple, dropped a huge hint that the company may be eyeing the automotive industry. The car is the ultimate mobile device. On 1 August 2015, a Reuters article noted that several senior Apple employees had made a number of visits to BMW facilities over the past year. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited BMW’s headquarters in 2015. Apple executives reportedly probed BMW board members on tooling, production and parts licensing.

Apple executives were impressed with the fact that we abandoned traditional approaches to car-making and started afresh. It chimed with the way they do things too. On 14 August 2015, The Guardian detailed an apparent attempt by Apple to secure a testing facility for the Apple Car. The publication obtained documents that proved correspondence between Apple and a potential test site.