Better Than an Algorithm Advisors should focus on the human rule 1 investing review of investing. Looking Beyond the Markets New research initiative focuses on why investors succeed—and fail.

Two primary reasons: group insurance and longevity protection. A Compelling Mid-Cap Growth ETF This fund’s low-fee, turnover-conscious approach to portfolio construction, and its broad diversification, should serve investors well. How Can Investors Boost Their Odds of Picking a Winning Manager? How Long Can a Good Fund Underperform Its Benchmark? Should You Manage Health Savings Account Assets? Please verify your Email ID and Mobile Number today. Multiply your wealth now with multibaggers from poweryourtrade.

Using the checklist below should help you to extract the most from your mutual fund investment process. We assume that you will be investing largely through mutual funds to meet your targeted asset allocation plan. You can use moneycontrol’s Asset Allocator for this. Take a printout of your suggested asset allocation plan so that you can use that to plan your investments across mutual funds. Just go to Find-A-Fund and run a query specifying the parameters you are seeking. You could do this by either asking your broker or the asset management companies. You might also find some of these documents if you go to our Request-A-Form service.

Read through the offer documents and check to see whether the mutual funds identified meet your investment needs in terms of equity share and bond weightings, downside risk protection, tax benefits offered, dividend payout policy, sector focus and other parameters of relevance to you. For ease in short listing, you can use our Find-A-Fund query module. There is no other indicator that you can use as effectively to select funds for investment. Find-A-Fund query module to find out your selected funds’ performance over various time periods. Index funds offer you probably the ideal hedge against varying performance across sectors and across fund managers over longer-periods of time. Investing in specific sector funds is recommended for aggressive investors.