Between qualitative and quantitative analysis, one can identify a key difference. Let us approach this topic in the following manner. When conducting research, it is very important to decide on the methodology quantitative methods for investment analysis upon the focus of study. Qualitative Analysis is used when the researcher wishes to analyze data that are subjective and not numerical.

This includes data such as life experiences, opinions, attitudes, etc. Let us examine this through an example. Qualitative research often involves the study of behavior and the reasons behind it. This type of analysis is more concerned with how and why instead of what, where and when which are more focused upon when conducting quantitative research. Unlike in the case of qualitative analysis, in the quantitative analysis the data is analyzed through statistical means.

Let us comprehend this through an example. If s person is made to undergo a blood test, and it confirms that alcohol percentage is 0. 08 in his blood, it is said to be a quantitative test as the result comes out with numbers. The names of the two types of analysis are an indicator of the way analysis is conducted. When the analysis involves measurements and statistics, it is a quantitative analysis. On the other hand, a non numerical analysis that deals with quality for example comparing traits, species, genus, etc.