A risque furniture store park tree investments complaints had its advertising slogan blacklisted after claiming its prices were ‘Sofa King Low’. The slogan, which has been the Sofa King’s strapline since it began trading nine years ago, appears on the Northampton firm’s shop front and vehicles. But the cheeky advert sparked complaints to police in 2004 and drew further criticism when used in a regional newspaper due to its possible interpretation as a swear word.

Three readers of the Northampton Herald and Post claimed the catchphrase was ‘offensive and unsuitable for general display’ when it appeared in the paper on August 4. Because of that, we concluded that the slogan was likely to cause serious or widespread offence. The Sofa King, based in Northampton, defended its advert and said it has been using the strapline since it began trading nine years ago. They said complaints made to Northamptonshire Police in 2004 were not taken further by the Crown Prosecution Service and that no complaints had been made direct to them,’ the watchdog said.

They said the slogan simply used their company name to refer to pricing and that the words had not been changed or run together or punctuation used in a way that was intended to cause offence. They did not believe the slogan caused serious or widespread offence. The comments below have not been moderated. We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

The ONLY arm candy to be seen with this season! Sobbing mums, tearful teachers are today’s schools THAT tough? 300,000 people taking to the streets around the country. In Israel, such huge demonstrations are usually reserved for issues about security and war, but the ones that took place on Saturday were formed by the middle-classes to highlight their discontent not just about food prices, but a range of economic and welfare issues. But it was the cost of cottage cheese that led to this mobilisation of the people. It’s a staple part of the diet in Israel and thousands formed an online protest group in June, vowing to boycott the product unless it was lowered in price.

Cottage cheese was double the price in Israel that it was in New York. But the cows weren’t getting more expensive, so why should the cheese be? The protests made the transition from cyberspace to the real world when a woman was evicted from her Tel Aviv apartment because she couldn’t afford the rent. To make her anger about the high cost of accommodation clear she pitched a tent on the trendy Rothschild Boulevard and was soon joined by hundreds of others.

The marches in various Israeli cities took place, however, to draw the government’s attention to a whole range of issues that the middle-classes are unhappy about, from high taxation, low salaries and social services. On the morning after Saturday’s demonstrations in Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial capital, and other cities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – a champion of free market reform – announced at the weekly cabinet meeting the appointment of a committee of experts to propose social-economic reform. Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a public protest that expresses real hardship,’ he said. Itzik Shmuli, a protest leader, welcomed Netanyahu’s round-table initiative.

8 per cent this year at a time of economic stagnation in many Western countries, and has relatively low unemployment at 5. But business cartels and widening wage gaps have kept many citizens from feeling the benefit. The comments below have been moderated in advance. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. The ONLY arm candy to be seen with this season! Sobbing mums, tearful teachers are today’s schools THAT tough?