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Joe Belew Award to Discover Bank for its Bank on Wheels program and PNC Bank for its Community Connections Center. CBA’s corporate member institutions account for 1. Bringing advanced education directly to your team. Is Inflation a Driver of Value Stock Returns? What is the Best Portfolio Size for Value Investing? Why Is Value Investing So Difficult? Euclidean has spent the last year working on a thorough investigation of the application of deep learning techniques to long-term investing.

One outcome of this process is a peer reviewed paper that will be published this December in the proceedings of the Time Series Workshop at the 2017 Neural Information Processing Systems conference. You can listen to John and Zack discuss the paper on Bloomberg’s “Odd Lots” podcast. A Quick Summary In this paper, we introduce how we use deep learning techniques to predict future company fundamental data, such as earnings, revenue, and debt, from past fundamental data. We also show that these predictions can be used to meaningfully improve the investment performance of widely researched and commercially applied quantitative investment strategies that use valuation ratios. We were motivated to do this by the intuition that future fundamentals should have a bigger impact than current fundamentals on a stock’s future price. Market Average: the equal weighted return of a portfolio of all stocks in the paper’s investment universe. QFM or quantitative factor model: a traditional factor model that ranks companies on trailing 12-month EBIT divided by current Enterprise Value.