Early on, as a newbie financial journalist, I learned that a country’s currency is kinda like a company’monashee investment management london stock price. When investors think it’s a dog with fleas, they sell it off.

Poloz poodles at the Bank of Canada decide to react. I told you to go forth and buy up all of Florida. Some people now say 70 cents is for sure. A low dollar is inflationary, of course. But now with residential real estate wobbling and debt rising will our CBers have the stones to pace the Fed? US rates are scheduled to rise again Wednesday. The loonie’s been pooched for a number of reasons.

2 trillion, families owe an amount of money as big as the entire economy. More debt means less consumption, which sucks the goo out of the GDP. The dollar’s weak, too, on recent housing news. Since a quarter of the entire economy is now connected to real estate, investors back off.