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One of the most debated topics of Canadian real estate investing beginners has got to be cash flow. Will the property produce positive monthly cash flow? Give it to me straight Tom, yes or no. I want a nice simple answer. With residential property prices going up so high I’ll have to drive 24 hours straight north into the frozen tundra to find a property that cash flows these days.

Basing your entire decision on the answer to positive cash flow question is a very limited way to look at an investment. Sometimes there just isn’t a one word simple answer for you when you’re looking to create wealth. There are several things Canadian real estate investing beginners need to consider. How much money are you putting down on the home? So the first thing you need to consider is that there was a time when investors were putting down much more on the property as a down payment.

This lowered their mortgage amount, and therefore lowered their carrying costs, and thus resulted in a higher frequency of securing properties that produced monthly positive cash flow. There are a few other things to consider. Like, what are your financial goals? Are you leveraging yourself for maximum advantage? Are you using tax deductions like you should? Are you forgetting that the mortgage is being paid down every month?

55,000 to invest in real estate. 250,000 or less covers almost all regions across Canada. For you Canadian real estate investing beginners in downtown Toronto or Vancouver screaming that it’s impossible, a 45 minute drive out of the city will get you properties like this. Well that’s how most Canadian real estate investing beginners look at things.

300 expenses of some sort on the property throughout the year. A pipe leaks, an electrical outlet stop working, a shingle goes flying off the roof, the furnance needs serviceyou get the idea. When these hit on any given month is your property still a positive cash flow property? Well most Canadian real estate investing beginners use a very short window of analysis.