Upon learning top investors were coming to Bulgaria to demand answers, Ignatova fled the country. We had a litecoin price prediction 2025-office meeting today. Initially it was planned with Dr.

For some reason she couldn’t travel back to Sofia. According to Muhammad Zafar, Pierre Arens told his group those plans have now been cancelled. Why the company changed from IPO to ICO? That’s what you want to know. The way Zafar puts it, the IPO has been replaced by the ICO. 2 million members are looking for the company to make the best decision for them, and if ICO is so popular that it is giving so much to not only company and members, so company had to change from IPO to ICO.

I don’t doubt that Oz checked the story but the Donkeys out there won’t accept BehindMLM as the sole source. Souhail Choudhury’s Facebook page is one Source of the video with Zafar and a bunch of donut heads yapping about it. Timothy Curry: Souhail Choudhury’s Facebook page is one Source of the video with Zafar and a bunch of donut heads yapping about it. I didn’t embed the video because 0. Chris Principe re-assuring everyone at 2:55. IPO or the ICO or the listing of onecoin on a public exchange, or whatever the frig was being promised by ruja since 2014, has moved from the second quarter of 2018 to third quarter, and now to the fourth quarter of 2018.

No one can trust her really. Now End of next year Always making fool to people. There are changing from IPO to ICO, what hapen to ours OFC share now? And after this she will tell 2020 will open onecoin and then 2025, then 2030 then 2050.

There will be biggest scam in the world. IPO being dumped been released through zafar? IPO for ICO and drop ICO for investing in nuclear warheads or hollywood, but why make your top performing lapdogs like zafar the bearer of bad news too? What do you think happens to the Zafars who have been selling Ponzi lies for years if they drop the facade now? Already got my money in, may as well ride it out. 10:14 she tells that if you want to make profit, you should convert your onecoins to OFCs. As they wanted to sell education packages to me in January 2016, they told me that i would get my money back in 3 to 6 months!

But some people who invested at the same time, and I assume they were told the same, still believe in it! God and it seems so that they are a lot! We all remember that very well. What will she come up with next? Hope she really feels the worlds breathing down her neck, though i doubt it. So no IPO but ICO in October 2018 as ZAFAR has told us.

Where was Arens and why has he disassociated himself from this statement. Where is the official statement and maybe we should have another Ask Ruja session following the transparency of the last one a few weeks ago. TYou are just independent marketing affiliates who badly need educating. Remember China has just effectively cancelled ICOs as the preferred choice of money laundering pyramid schemes so I assume that is a big problem for all the Chinese Investors. Watch out for lots of deserting and defections now particularly in UK where most of the team on Zafar’s video came from. See you all in the trainings! Take a video of you crashing and burning in Birmingham and do let us know where you are giving your presentation.