CAPTCHA to prove you are a human. Thank you so much for your patience! THANK YOU SO MUCH Law school is a bad investment YOUR PATIENCE! Pepperdine’s law school recently made an error when submitting enrollment data to U.

News promptly after uncovering the error and submitted corrected data in time for U. News to use the corrected data in its ranking. Although the erroneous data was more positive than the corrected data, no reasons have been given to believe that Pepperdine intentionally sought to deceive U. I know and respect Paul Caron, the current Dean of Pepperdine. While we don’t always agree on technical or political issues, the notion that he would intentionally commit fraud—and then immediately correct his error—is outlandish. Those who are not familiar with the reasons for this move in the rakings might mistakenly believe that Pepperdine fell outside the top 100. According to analyses by Bill Henderson and Andy Morriss, if not for the penalty imposed by U.