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Our blog discusses regulation, standards and practices related to Short Term Rental operations. It is part of a national effort to improve the way vacation rentals operate, educate about the benefits and impacts of vacation rentals, and encourage appropriate regulation of vacation rentals based on documented impacts and community economic goals. JOIN our Blog and we will keep you informed about issues that affect your survival. Opposition tends to trigger attempts to justify new regulations, and a favorite argument is that VRs cut down on the availability of “affordable housing” in the community. Affordable housing is a legitimate concern for many communities, but one could argue that this argument is a poor excuse for new regulations on VRs. VRs in order to solve housing problems,  effectively transfers that responsibility onto the backs of VR owners and the businesses that serve owners and their guests. VR owners can certainly make their own contributions to increase affordable housing, and some do, but it is not their job to do so.

Their investment in the community should not be degraded by such poorly conceived legislation, and local government should not be forcing them to subsidize responsibilities of the government. Hurricane Katrina or Superstorm Sandy, and through involvement with local civic organizations. The choice of how to support the local communities rightly belongs to the VR owner that is donating. It is the job of local governments to deal with affordable housing costs if it truly is a local issue. It is irresponsible of those government officials to transfer such responsibilities to a small subgroup of property owners at their expense. A rising tide lifts all boats”. Communities should be building their local economies to benefit all residents and taxpayers.

The fact that a community provides a highly desired lodging option is not a reason to decide to target VR owners to fund social welfare efforts. Have you heard the expression “shooting yourself in the foot”. The expression is shorthand for pointing out self-defeating behavior. Many counties and cities exhibit this behaviour in their reaction to Short Term Rentals.

Vacation rentals impact local neighborhoods, just like longer term rentals do, but the economic, social and ecological impacts of disbursing your tourists in houses across a community are arguably much less than the impacts of developing large hotels and resorts. In many communities tourism is seasonal, and a hotel and tourism district looks like a ghost town when the season is over, but in those same communities, vacation rentals tend to bring in families and business travelers all year long. When factories and big box stores and other big businesses come into a community they create problems and bring benefits. Legislators make agreements and appropriately regulate these operations, to manage the problems and maximize the benefits. The same approach works well with vacation rentals. Responsible and thoughtful regulation of short term rentals can and should be done in a manner that is consistent with other goals of a community.

When VR owners and managers attend public meetings where regulation of vacation rental homes is being discussed, it helps to have an honest discussion about how short term rentals contribute to the community, and the impacts that they have on the community. Here are some issues that you could discuss in such a forum. There are many myths about who owns the city’s vacation rentals and why owners rent out their homes. The reality is that most owners are not wealthy investors – many of us have to rent our homes in order to continue owning them, and many of us have interesting stories about how we became owners of a vacation rental and why we continue to rent our home. Tell your own personal stories about being a vacation rental home owner. You may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year advertising your vacation home on the internet and telling people why they should come to your destination.