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High-capacity ISDN channel operating at 1. Novartis’ operations president, Andre Wyss, is leaving the company, where he was responsible for streamlining production and corporate services. According to the drugmaker, Wyss has decided to step down from the Executive Committee of Novartis on April 1, 2018, to pursue his career outside of Novartis. As a result, Novartis Operations will be split into Novartis Technical Operations and Novartis Business Services. Sterile manufacturing environments are open to many sources of potential contamination if not managed correctly: air filtration systems, materials transfer and, not to mention, operators — a fully gowned operator may create as many as 150,000 particles per minute, many of which are viable and are potential hazards during the manufacture of sterile drugs. Pharma companies continue to face challenges of globalization, complex supply chains and hyper-competition – all while demand for treatments continues to increase. As a result, the need for greater throughput, higher quality and reduced costs has become a top priority.

1 trillion mark and is projected to grow at 6. Pharma supply chains are complex, highly regulated, and reach a customer base rivaled by few. Bayer is voluntarily recalling Alka-Seltzer Plus packages that were sold in the U. Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger after February 9, 2018, due to a labelling error. Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger after February 9, 2018, due to a labeling error. The ingredients listed on the front sticker of the carton may potentially be different from the ingredients listed on the back of the carton.

This is the second Alka-Seltzer recall in less than a year for Bayer. Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods. The pressing need to take advantage of new technologies and explore new ways of addressing process control and efficiency is ubiquitous to all areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Gone are the days where it was common to find companies relying on blockbuster stars, produced in large quantities in dedicated facilities. Many of today’s specialty medicines are produced in higher potencies and smaller quantities. Historically, pharmaceutical manufacturing has been associated with certain challenges.

With traditional manufacturing, the pharma industry has been able to achieve a desired product quality but is associated with excessive costs, high waste, rejections and delays. Additionally, it lacks thorough understanding of the products and processes and proactive characterization of the failures. Johnson has decided to close its diabetes care unit, Animas Corp, signaling Animas’ exit from the insulin pump business. After failing to find a buyer, Animas is shutting its business in United States and Canada. The decision will affect around 400 U.