How much house can you afford? What type of CD investment risk tolerance quiz best?

Quiz: What is your risk tolerance? Buy a round of drinks for your friends. Try your luck further in the game. Saw it as a good buying opportunity to load up on your favorite stocks.

Sold in a hurry to avoid any further losses. Just watched and waited for recovery. Come up with your own strategies and work together with your adviser. Relinquish control to your adviser since you don’t know anything about investing.

Let your adviser suggest strategies but make sure you’re comfortable with them. It is a casino that is rigged against the average investor. I don’t understand it, but stocks are a part of my portfolio. Buy into a hot technology IPO. Invest in your favorite blue chip stocks.

I hope to accumulate enough to retire securely. It beats holding cash and helps fight inflation. With some luck, I may be able to get rich. Should you sell home without agent?