Please forward this error screen to 103. What I’m going to share with you in these next couple of articles is the soul of simplicity. It will take investing in medical stocks none of your time and you can focus on all the other things that make your life rich and beautiful.

Don’t I need professionals to guide me? Since the days of Babylon people have been coming up with investments, mostly to sell to other people. There is a strong financial incentive to make these investments complex and mysterious. But the simple truth is the more complex an investment the less likely it is to be profitable.

Index Funds out perform Actively Managed Funds in large part simply because Actively Managed Funds require expense active managers. Not only are they prone to making investing mistakes, their fees are a continual performance drag on the portfolio. But they are very profitable for the companies that run them and as such are heavily promoted. Of course, those profits come from your pocket. Not only do you not need complex investments for success, they actually work against you. At worst, they are a cesspool of swindlers. Here’s all we are going to need:  Three considerations and three tools.

In what stage of your investing life are you:   The Wealth Building Stage or the Wealth Preservation Stage? Or, mostly likely, a blend of the two. What level of risk do you find acceptable? Is your investment horizon long-term or short-term? As you’ve surely noticed, these three are closely linked. Your level of risk will vary with your investment horizon.