Custom How to invest in diamond foundry or Off the Rack? A 360º view of the Micro-Groove HM Wedges.

I’d like to install a graphite shaft in this wedge and want to make sure the graphite shaft has some protection from breakage. Every one of my clubhead models, regardless if you are talking driver to wedge head is coned by the production factory to provide a cushion of epoxy to help add to protecting graphite shafts from stress with the top of the hosel. It does not eliminate all possibility of that because there are several other factors involved, but it certainly is done professionally to offer what the industry considers to be the proper cushion of epoxy during installation of the shaft. I will be buying 771 irons and HM wedges in the next few months. Knowing that, would it be better to decrease loft on the HM sand and lob wedges or increase loft on the HM gap and sand wedges? Thanks much for your interest and for your wanting more info on your upcoming iron and wedge selections.

I would say that even based on the fact that you do hit a lot of chips and knock downs now, which means you are more used to having much more of a hands ahead, deloft presentation of the clubhead to the ball, it probably would be better for you to turn the 56 into the 54 and the 60 into the 58. 52 is smaller overall in head size than the 56. If you bend the 56 to be your lob wedge at 58, that means you have a lot of bounce on the sole for a LW. Now if you frequently used the 58 from sand then that might be ok. So there isn’t much difference between the 8620 carbon steel and the 304 stainless steel then?