Please forward this error screen to 198. Whatever your aims, we hope that we can provide you with some insights to the what-s and why-s of recycling through some interesting statistics and facts on recycling below. These information on recycling can be how to invest 60000 pounds-opening on the impact of your actions on the environment.

If you are an office worker and constantly use paper for printing, then you must read about the facts and figures on recycling paper! May you have an enlightening discovery process! Forests are being cut and trees are being felled at an unimaginable rate of 100 acres per minute. All this to produce paper which is normally used and disposed without much thought.

A plant takes a minimum of 15 to 20 years to grow into a tree, but takes less than ten minutes to be felled, and on an average one tree can yield about 700 paper grocery bags, which will be consumed in less than an hour by a supermarket! According to The Public Recycling Officials of Pennsylvania, for every ton of paper that is recycled, the following are saved: 17 trees 275 pounds of sulfur 350 pounds of limestone 9,000 pounds of steam 60,000 gallons of water 225 kilowatt hours 3. Recycling 14 trees worth of paper reduces air pollutants by 165,142 tons. Read more facts about recycling paper. Almost every hour, nearly 250,000 plastic bottles are dumped. The average time taken by plastic bottles to decompose in a landfill is close to 700 years. Plastic not only adds to landfill space and takes forever to decompose.