Apple’s hottest product this week might end up being its own stock. The tech company’s seven-for-one stock split officially went into effect Monday, making shares of the tech giant more accessible to the little guy. We received over 220 responses with the vast majority enthusiastic about purchasing shares for the first time or adding to their stake. Trading of the tech stock is how do i invest in apple stock heavier today, although many people say they intend to buy shares throughout the week.

The 74-year-old didn’t waste any time snapping up Apple shares after the split. Everyone in my family owns at least one Apple thing,” says Sandra. When asked about the criticism that Apple hasn’t rolled out any big game changing products in recent years, Sandra would hear nothing of it. I don’t listen to anybody on Wall Street. I’m 74 years old, so I’ve been around a lot longer than they have,” she declares.

She’s not selling Apple any time soon, if ever. When my husband was still alive, we decided to buy and hold. Now that he’s gone, we manage it the same way,” she says. Rich, a retail general manager, has been an Apple shareholder for the last four or five years. 238 each, and he plans to buy more now that the split has occurred. Although the split is purely psychological as the value of the shares remain unchanged, I believe it becomes more affordable to the average investor who would like to invest in the company,” he says.