Please forward this error good investments to make in your 20s to 75. It looks like parents everywhere were right about the importance of brushing your teeth. They may just not have realised why. But it has also explained the reason.

It is because teeth are the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail – a sign of health and genetic quality designed to help choose a mate. Researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire took pictures of models before digitally changing the colour and spacing of their teeth. They then showed the photos to 150 young men and women and asked them how attractive they found the models. Unsurprisingly, yellow teeth were unpopular, while widely spaced teeth were also deemed less attractive. However, the  state of women’s teeth was particularly important, the journal PLoS ONE reports.

When males are looking at females and when females are looking at females, there is quite a strong effect. Males are thinking about attraction and females are in competition with each other. Dr Hendrie believes women’s teeth are used to help judge her age and provide a guide to how far she is from the menopause. They can also contain clues to childhood illnesses, diet and some genetic disorders, he added. However, anyone with yellow teeth should not spend a fortune on whitening, as brilliant white smiles were judged no more attractive than a more natural shade. Oh my gosh, this is red!

Patricia Casey, 51, of Camberley, Surrey, downed eight shots of the spirit while working aboard a BA Boeing 787 flight from Singapore. 30,000 to a former doorman at Trump World Tower in New York just before the election. The comments below have not been moderated. We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

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At 48, Jane Townsend is beautiful, independent — and single. She keeps fit, takes great care of her appearance and is looking for a man who is active, in good shape, articulate and emotionally open. Given her good looks and vivacious nature, eligible suitors must surely be beating a path to her door. The men out there are delusional. After my divorce, I gave up my prime dating years to raise my two girls, expecting that when they left home, I’d have time left. But there has been a shift and now the men aren’t there.

Where I live it’s hard to find someone cultured unless they’re eating yoghurt, and the men my age all seem to be — well — more than a little overweight. Having been matchmaking single men and women for Femail’s Blind Date column for the past six months, I’d like to say Jane’s experiences are the exception, — but what has struck me is just how many attractive women apply who seem to have so much going for them. They are in great physical shape, living full and interesting lives. Yet finding suitable men for them to date seems to be a heroic challenge. This has left me wondering why a generation of single, sexy, solvent women just can’t find love. I am one — returning to the dating scene in later life after a marriage or long-term relationship, is the lack of single men.

According to Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist and dating coach, there are an estimated seven new women for every man on the dating scene in the 40-55 age group, so availability is clearly a big issue. Am I asking too much to find an attractive, independent, solvent guy of my age? As she explains, part of the issue is that when divorce strikes, men and women react in different ways. By contrast, women take longer to recover from a break-up. They often step out of the dating ring completely, sometimes for many years, to rebuild their lives or to focus on bringing up children. When they return to dating, it’s really hard for them,’ says Jo.