We are pleased to share with you an interactive presentation that describes the impact of our work — Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Harvey Schwartz and David Solomon, Presidents and Co-Chief Operating Officers. LETTER Goldman sachs investment analyst salary are pleased to share with you an interactive presentation that describes the impact of our work. ENVIRONMENT See how we’re mobilizing capital toward sustainable economic development and environmental progress. PEOPLE See how we make significant investments in our most valuable asset — our people.

GOVERNANCE See how we remain responsible to our stakeholders and uphold the values that are at the core of our Business Principles. As a firm that values diversity and a spirit of teamwork, we find it valuable to come together to share experiences and perspectives — about our commonalities, about our differences and about using both to enhance our workplace and bring the best of the firm to our clients. Having open and honest conversations was especially critical throughout the past year, when social and political events underscored the importance of such dialogue. These conversations, along with our reaffirmation of long-held principles of inclusion, are invaluable to our organization. They enable us to benefit, to the greatest extent possible, from wide-ranging viewpoints and ideas. What is more, as a global business — and a predominantly person-to-person business — promoting diverse perspectives creates a competitive advantage for the firm and our clients. This approach allows us to draw from the largest possible pool of talent, fosters innovation, drives improved decision-making and enables us to provide our clients with the guidance and localized knowledge they need to succeed in global markets that are, themselves, incredibly diverse.

A recent example of this philosophy in action is the relocation of our Irving, Texas, office to Dallas. Based on this analysis, we determined that our employees receive comparable compensation for similar work regardless of gender. How does clean energy help us grow? What is powering the ESG investing surge?

How does difference make the difference? How can we innovate to deliver what clients want now? Where will job growth come from next? What big shifts are emerging now? METRICS View a selection of key performance indicators. RECOGNITION See our recent awards and achievements. Note: the examples in this table are based on conversations with individuals primarily located in New York, mostly at major bulge bracket firms.

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