The news you #W3#’t see on W3! Our Friends: Watching IBM Watching IBM Facebook Quick Links: Get involved! Full excerpt: Last week, IBM laid off about 30 people in Research Fidelity investments 5411 page road durham nc Park as a cost-cutting measure. The math is very clear to me: Rob people of their livelihoods so that the fat cat can get even fatter.

The corporate greed of the 21st century and the return of the robber barons is nothing new. IBM is not the only multinational corporation that has total disregard for the people it hires and fires. The bigger question is: Why are people doing nothing about it? How low will the American middle class go before it starts demanding a New Deal from the government to protect it from modern-day robber barons? In France, for example, a corporation needs to show at least three consecutive quarters of losses before it can lay off a single person. How about this one from Japan: salary caps! Unfortunately, a lot of people in the U.

They still hope that one day they will strike it rich and make millions of dollars. Statistically speaking, that will never happen to Joe Average. As long as Joe Average does not realize this, the fat cats will continue to use the American dream as a carrot on a stick to prevent the people from uniting and demanding a change. IBM Employee Issues message board: “Re: Where workers are ‘resources’: IBM and the American dream” by “sstern0626”.