Please forward this error screen to 64. In Part VI of this can i invest in international stocks we looked at some portfolio ideas to build and keep your wealth. Last time, in The Smoother Path to Wealth, we did much the same and we discussed the concept of Asset Allocation a bit as well.

In keeping with the overall financial theme of the blog, we strive to keep our investments as simple as possible. Simple is not only easier, it is more effective. The most complex portfolio I suggest consists of only two funds invested in stocks and bonds, plus a little cash. Most advisors recommend far more funds and asset classes. Indeed, scared witless after the recent market implosion, many would now have us invest in everything in the hopes a couple of those puppies pull thru. To do this properly would require a ton of work understanding the asset classes, deciding on percents for each, choosing how to own them, rebalancing and tracking. All for what will likely be sub-par performance.