Please forward this error screen to 78. It business ideas with low investment and high profit in tamilnadu not necessary every penny stocks have low market capitalization and trade on both exchange NSE and BSE.

When we are looking penny stocks we search that stocks below Rs. 100 in NSE and BSE market. Most of penny stocks price company’s provide less or limited information to stock regulators. Penny stocks for long term: so many stocks are available in both exchange NSE and BSE those are stocks below Rs 100 in NSE and BSE its doesn’t mean we buy any share with promise of big profit. Do deep research about share price, company fundaments and company work profile its not very big task to find Best penny stocks for long term growth we just have need of do good research before investing. Educom, MMTC and Rcom these stocks give negative returns.

Stocks like TVS Motors, Rajesh Exports, Ashokley, Apollo Tyres list are so big which stocks are in list of Best penny stocks for long term growth before 2-3 years. Basically it doesn’t matter stocks have low price or high value stock main thing is we have choose indian penny stocks with good fundamentals. Portfolio Percentage of penny stocks: always portfolio should be diversified never invest all money in single stocks or specific sector. Divide your total capital as per your capital risk ability always make portfolio with mix ration of Mutual funds, Fixed Deposits, Insurance and Stocks with mix investment of index shares and penny stocks. Promoters Operating Activities: penny stocks mostly operate by promoters investment advisers. These bankers buy or sell shares with fake accounts during market peak time when investors are ready to buy anything on any price.

These bankers mostly use media to approach investors using social media and phone SMS services. They increase price and volume of shares with help of promoters. Once investors trap in these shares than private bankers and promoters shares profit with each other. Capital loss chances in Penny Stocks: as we know have maximum chance of loss money in penny stocks. You are buy penny shares with dream of it will become multibagger share in future but have maximum chance of it perform very poor.

Some major points of risk in penny stocks. Shares may be de-listed are never list again on any exchange in NSE and BSE. Trading Volume may be very low or no buyer sellers in share. This kind of stocks are not tracking by SEBI. Buy Penny stocks as a investment never trade them for short term capital gain or intraday trade because most of stocks trade in T group. Avoid those stock no matter how less trading price that have.