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Amid all the cryptocurrency hype, it’s clear a new pathway for start-ups is emerging. Corporate Australia needs to work harder at removing Anglo-Celtic elitism and targets should be set to ensure an “equal playing field”, a report finds. In partnership with BMW, we speak with six Rich Listers Geoff Harris, Radek Sali, Tim Gurner, Max Beck and Frank Costa. Flight Centre co-founder Geoff Harris explains how he found retail success investing in Boost Juice. Examining the important role better corporate reporting plays in maintaining trust with all stakeholders. AUI is a listed investment company which specialises in Australian listed equities. The Company’s objective is to take a medium to long term view and to invest in a diversified portfolio of Australian equities which have the potential to provide income and capital appreciation over the longer term.

AUI is an investment company which seeks, through portfolio management, to reduce risk and improve income from dividends and interest over the longer term. AUI’s funds are invested predominantly in shares of companies listed on the ASX. Investments are purchased or subscribed for on the basis of the directors’ assessment of their individual prospects for income and growth. The directors do not invest by reference to any pre-determined policy that any particular proportions of the capital will be invested in particular investment sectors. Mr Wetherall has over 30 years’ experience in the Australian share market as a stockbroker and funds manager. Cell Care Australia Pty Ltd and a Director of Lifestyle Communities Limited and Unified Healthcare Group Pty Ltd. He is Chairman of the Company’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee.